Integrated software for the production or the purchasing of garment, for sales, delivery and invoicing. Complete solution; EDI, Warehouses / Locations, Barcode, Multi currencies / Taxes / Discount, Commissions, E-mailing.


Product Development Management generates production sheets and Product Lifecycle Management regulates production and sales. All product information is always live so no confusion and no mistakes.

SaaS B2B B2C

Software as a Service that runs on all computers, smartphones and tablets. Filtered access for employees, sales representatives, customers and suppliers. B2B Catalog and API for B2C Websites

and Flexible

Intuitive web interface and training videos integrated into the software. Business rules make it possible to modify almost everything at any time simultaneously by several users on several windows and tabs.

Apparel ERP Benefits

OLOtech increases productivity by eliminating re-entry of information, taking physical inventory and using an Excel spreadsheet. It eliminates errors due to the latency time due to the transfers of information between software.

The result is live information to make informed decisions; customer, representative, inventories, profit, discount, date, product, fabric, components, season, division, collection, group, supplier.


Size / color / version matrix simplify product creation and modification. Pants size 28 to 40 with crotch 30, 32, 34, in 2 colors is only a product instead of 42.

The matrix improves the display and printing of production sheets, customer orders, cut orders, purchase orders, packing lists, invoices and reports.

Centralized inventory

The configuration allows centralized inventories for all sales channels including the management of consignments.

import export API

OLOtech exports to accounting software general ledger. Customer and product information can be imported and exported to Excel and transactional websites. OLOtech's API connects to B2C websites in real time to share inventories and receiving customer orders.
OLOtech API Specidications.pdf

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