Complet PDM

The product section is a "Product Development Management" which allows you to make the specification sheets that you consult online or that you print. Unlike Excel one can easily search the specification sheets for duplicated in whole or in part.

Making & lableling

The Instruction panel allows the addition of text and images for all the details of making and labeling. The image can reach a full page for the details of measurements.

measurement specifications

Measurement specifications can be imported from Excel, or by using internal libraries similar to gradation rulers. Measurement templates can be generated in Excel and then attached to products for archiving.

Note & attachments

Notes classified by date and by users keep the history of development and production. Each Note can include an attachment such as a Pattern file or Excel file. These files can be extracted for modification and reloaded.

online production sheet

OLOtech fosters e-collaboration within your entire supply chain. It allows you to reduce your overhead by granting access to supplier and contractors. Each Password is linked to a Group which specifies what can be seen, modified, and is filtered to show only the relevant information associated with the specific supplier and contractor.
Internal messaging and reminder for design department, multiple cost sheets, and more...

From line planning to product design, costing, pricing, marketing, sampling, manufacturing and logistics all information is kept in single place. OLOtech is a powerful classification system, the catalog is available from product selection up to the purchase history of each customer. All product versions are inventoried and all style changes are recorded on a “who, what and when” user basis. The Product Status identifies and controls the various stages of the product and is linked to the ERP inventory by specifying whether the product can be manufactured or purchased, or if only existing inventory and additional WIP can be sold. Product status can also be affected by project management as the steps are completed by the user and / or contractor.

Tech pack