complete solution - no Pricey "optional modules"

OLOTech is only available as full package software to avoid common problems related to add-ons modules. All functionalities for PDM/PLM/B2B/B2C, Manufacturer and Importer can be activated when needed. In addition to simplifying the use of the software, this "no optional modules" approach ensures the consistency and continuity between product development, purchasing/production and selling operations. Furthermore, all information is live. Since all information is connected, it is very easy undoing any operations. Only PDM/PLM section is available separately, also being extended to the complete solution at any time.

Product Design Spec Sheet
Fabric / Component libraries
Cost Sheet
Measurements Template
Custom Catalogue
Excel Export/Import
Production Planning
Cutting Slips / Dye Lot Control
Inventory Management Threshold Control
Raw Material Inventories
Purchase Order Generation
Labour management
Customer Orders /EDI / POS
B2B Catalogue, API for B2C Web site
Customer credit margin management
Packing Lists / Shipping label
Quotes / Invoices / Credit Notes / Payments
Commissions / Royalties
Project Management
Notes / File Attachments
Consolidated Finish Goods Inventory
Warehouse / Bin, Barcode Scanning
User & Group Privilege(800) Management, Customer / Sales Rep / Contractor Filtered WEB Access
Multiple Currencies / Taxes / Selling Prices / Discounts
E-Mailing documents & Marketing / Dashboard / Internal Messages, Critical Issue Email / Message Alerter
Complete histories as per; User, Record, Inventory Transactions
Report per: Receivable, Customer, Supplier, Orders, Delivery-date, Department, Transaction, Warehouse, Bin, Style, Season, Division, Collection, Group...


Saas - software as A service
CDN$470 per month, Unlimited amount of user

Rent or Buy? Instead of purchasing the software you can use it as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and pay monthly. All Email/Skype Support and Software Upgrades are included with subscription service.

OLOTech is an affordable apparel management software for small and midsized manufacturers/importers. The price of PDM/PLM section (included in full version) only is CDN$225 per month, and can be upgraded to the full solution at any time. Service can be cancelled at any time. Service can be converted to software purchase at any time. CDN$595 first time use activation fee is free with 3 months advance payment.

In comparison to traditional software SaaS implementation is far faster... get up & running in weeks, not months. Cost of ownership is far less, also allowing you to reduce overhead costs by granting access to Customers, Sales Representatives and Contractors. Each Password specifies what can be seen or modified and deleted.

Software purchase - on your server
One time cDN$19,995, unlimited amout of user
included 2 years service & upgrades

The software will be installed on your computer remotely. The OLOtech on your server will still be accessible from any computer worldwide. After the first two years, the next one year essential Support, Service and Upgrade Contract is only CDN$2999. OLOtech is .NET (pronounced “dot net”) software considered by the trade as being as innovative as Windows was to DOS. One important aspect of OLOtech ERP is the cost of the total solution. Since Microsoft.NET Framework, the SQL Express and the Browser are free software, you only pay for the ERP portion. Alternately the PDM/PLM section can be purchased for only CDN$8495, and CDN$1275 per year for the essential Support, Service and Upgrade contract after the first 2 years.

  • Free Crystal report runtime
  • Free Microsoft SQL Express 2014

All transactions will be billed in CAD Canadian dollars. CURRENCY CONVERSION

Support 24/7

Support is provided on Skype/GoToMeeting
(free Internet phone, screen sharing, video call)
Service contract covers OLOtech software and related Microsoft software. OLOtech is responsible for information security backup (SaaS). General inquiries can be address by Email. Emergency phone number is available 24/7.

Implementation service

The price for implementation service is CDN$115 (Skype) per hour billed per 15 minute or CDN$795 per day + expense for onsite training. We will assist you on a daily base during the implementation process. We will lead you to the different system options relative for your type of business. We will guide you in the creation of division, size range, specs library, currency, taxe, warehouse/bin, E-mail template, Commission, Personalized fields, etc.

In order to speed up implementation process we will assist you with importing all information available in text file; product, colors, fabric, price, client, suppliers etc. Once your OLOtech is setup, we will create a duplicate test / practice database; thus allowing you to simulate any complete or partial operations cycle without worrying about altering your real data. When ready we will monitor you during your first live complete operation cycle. At the end of implementation, we will review with you the different group of system privileges, the option relative to user and the filtering of clients, sales rep, contractor and supplier access.