Integrated pdm (PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Management) ensures the consistency in-between product development, sales and production

The core of our Apparel ERP is the "Product" rather than "just accounting" as with a standard Accounting software. This allows OLOtech to be as flexible as Excel, yet with the full advantage of a database. Furthermore, our Product Development Management is totally integrated with Sales and Production, ensuring the consistency of product codes, descriptions, colors, sizes, raw material and cost; this instead of common ERPs that use separate modules that are not integrated between departments, which facilitate stagnate information, non-connectivity between departments, and extra steps/overhead to synchronize.

In addition to producing comprehensive Tech Packs, the PDM instructs the MRP (Material Resource Planning), thus both automating and simplifying Purchasing and Production. Any modification of color, fabric/component and/or labour, are instantly reflected in Purchase orders and/or Cutting slips. All information: Bill of material, Cost Sheets, Library / Inventories of Fabric and Components, Die Lots, Measurement Sheets, Technical Drawings and Picture are live.
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